Getting Mentally Prepared for an HIV Test

Getting mentally prepared for an HIV test is not easy, especially if you are unsure whether you have the virus. The realization that you may have it can be traumatizing and it normally takes a great deal of courage for a person not only to accept the fact they might have it, but also to go for the test to determine whether they actually have it. Most individuals do not know what to expect and will normally feel very frightened when they go to the clinic or the doctor’s office.

In addition, many individuals profess that they feel as if everyone is watching or judging them. It is possible to feel as though the walls are closing in around you and as if you are unable to breathe when you are in random locations.

Finding Comfort In Those Around You

However, despite this it is possible to prepare yourself mentally for an HIV test. Both you and your family and friends can do many things if they are aware of your need to be tested. If they are not aware of your being tested, you should consider telling someone you trust that can help support you during this time. For instance, if the individual you believe might have given you HIV is aware of the situation and is willing to go through testing with you, this can help you with a support structure. However, do not ask this person to help you if there are mixed feelings concerning this test against the individual.

How to Handle Testing Day

Here are some things you can do:

  • On the day of your test, take some time to relax.
  • Do not stress out too much if you can avoid it because this will make you even more worked up and it will not serve your during your test.
  • Try to avoid large crowds, which may affect your emotions, especially if they are unaware of your test.
  • You may also want to work out on the day in question and on the days before hand as it has been proven that exercising will not only help an individual physically but also helps emotionally.
  • Think about a massage as this can help some individuals relax.

Whatever you do, limit your drinking. This is not only to avoid anxiety, but also to avoid potential risk situations where you may be tempted to be intimate with someone else.

Getting prepared mentally for an HIV test is never an easy thing not only for the test itself, but also because of what you are going through when you are getting the test. You might be frightened and angry, but allowing your emotions to get the better of you will not serve you in the end. However, allow your emotions to let loose in a gym or similar location to help you battle stress. Preparing yourself mentally for an HIV test must be first done within you, but do not hesitate to ask someone to help you by supporting you and going with you to your test.

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