Understanding HIV Test Results

Working up the courage to go have your test is difficult, but the wait period to find out about your HIV results is torturous. Determining whether you have HIV is necessary to find out how your life can change. Even for individuals who test negative, it can still be a life altering experience that makes them look at every aspect of life differently. However, for the individuals who are positive, it is life-altering experience, one not easily handled. But before this can be determined, it is important to understand what the different results are and what they mean as many individuals are uncertain about the real meaning of the test results.

HIV Test Results

Among the different test results you might be given if the test is positive includes:

  • HIV-positive
  • HIV
  • HIV-antibody positive
  • Seropositive for HIV

Each of these answers essentially means the same thing, that you are infected with the virus. For many individuals, this moment can be heart breaking and life altering. Once you know you have the human immunodeficiency virus, your life will never be the same and you will have to begin to be conscious of this fact. In some instances, some individuals become very angry and want answers to questions concerning how they got HIV.

However, these tests will not give you detailed information of the kind you might want to know which include:

  • How long you have been infected?
  • Who infected you?
  • When it will begin to affect your body?

Finding the Source

Not having these answers can be pure agony and many go on a search to find out who gave it to them and whether the individual knew they had it. Doing this search is very important because if the individual is unaware that he or she has it, it is important that he or she finds out right away before he or she passes it on to other individuals. However, while this does need doing, you should take a moment to understand your test results fully. If you have any questions at all, you should ask your doctor for more elaboration and get all of your questions answered about how your life will change.

Personal Counseling as a Self-Help Tool

In addition, you may wish to consider going to a counselor to talk about the full impact of what your HIV test results mean to you both physically and emotionally. For some individuals, it is very difficult for them to accept the full implications of what has happened to them in understanding their results, and they may need an impartial, but professional view to help. Although family and friends can be supportive, it is unlikely they can help you fully understand your test results and they may in fact make you more emotional than you were to begin with. A doctor can help you by recommending a good HIV counselor who understands your situation and will take as much time as you need to help you walk through your test results. Due to how life altering your HIV test results can be, take the time to completely understand them.

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