What is HIV?

While many people have the false understanding that HIV is the Aids Virus, HIV is the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, which causes the immune system to be much weaker. This then opens the opportunity for the AIDs Virus to enter a person’s system in a much more detrimental manner than it would if a person had a stronger immune system. AIDs virus, which is commonly referred to as simply AIDS, is acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, which is a collection of diseases rather than only one.

The Diseases That Make Up AIDS

The list that has been put together for the defining illnesses of AIDS is a group of 26 diseases. This list was put together by the Centers for Disease Control, which is commonly referred to as CDC. The illnesses and diseases that define AIDS are different in adults than it is in children. Therefore, the 26 defining illnesses are on a list for adults rather than children. While people think HIV is the same thing as having AIDS in the severe form is the same thing, it is actually starting to be thought of as different. HIV is the virus that makes it possible for a person to get AIDS.

How Does HIV Work?

The sad fact is that many people with HIV or AIDs are unable to get the help that they need because there are not very advanced treatments that are able to help with the actual ailment rather than only the side effects. The ways that HIV works is that it targets the immune system through the T-cells. This is the main part that is more commonly known, but there are also other things that HIV does including attacking cells not only in the lymphatic system and digestive system but also the brain, nervous system and other part so of the body.

The Role of the T-Cell

This may lead you to wonder what the T-cell is. The T-cell, which is also known as CD4, helper-T and T4, is essentially the cell type that tells the white cells, which fight back illnesses and diseases, what to do and where they have to go. This is a very important part of being able to fight off things that are as simple as a cold. This is the reason why many people who end up getting HIV and then AIDS are able to die due to illnesses that are thought of as common such as a cold or even something smaller or as common.

This is an illness that is very devastating to a person and the people they care about because of there not being a cure yet for HIV or AIDS. There are many people and groups that are looking to try and find a cure or a treatment that could be able to help. There are many people who are hoping to see a cure for HIV and AIDS in the future. Getting an HIV test can be extremely important especially after having sexual intercourse. Getting tested regularly can help your chances in making sure you do not give HIV to another person.

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