What to Expect When Getting an HIV Test

For some individuals, they may not know what to expect when getting an HIV test and this can make them very apprehensive. Knowing what to expect from an HIV test will not only make the procedure less frightening, but also it may help them to understand the results and their situation. One of the factors of knowing what to expect includes a proper understanding of what HIV and AIDS actually are and what they will do to the human body.

What Will Happen?

What to expect when getting an HIV test depends on what kind of test you are planning to take. For instance, if you are having a blood test done the process is a simple syringe where the doctor or nurse will withdraw a certain amount of blood and they will have this blood tested to determine whether you might have the virus. This test is then verified by a different test, which will require you to be tested again and that means you will have to admit yourself for further tests. In most instances, this test will prove that you are in fact not HIV positive, and therefore it is a good idea not to overreact until you know for sure.

How Does the Test Work?

You are having the nucleic acid test done, this process is as simple as having a cotton swab stuck in your mouth and then to place this swab in a vial, which will then be tested using the proper protocols. Although this is not always accurate, it will help to determine if you might have HIV in a non-invasive manner. Most blood banks will do this if you are giving blood to make sure your blood is safe to any individual you wish to give blood to. This helps to protect others who will receive your blood and also to protect you should you receive blood.

Background Research

You may also want to have yourself walked through the procedure before you actually go to have your test done. You can also have test results explained before you go. Then you know what to expect when you receive your results, which may include understanding what those results mean. In addition, you should know whether to expect your name to be kept confidential. Most states have created laws to protect individuals, who are being tested, but some insurance companies or legal guardians are allowed to know the results of an HIV test and you should know whether to expect this.

Do-It-Yourself vs. Assisted Testing

Unfortunately, there are no home “do-it-yourself” kits where you can test yourself. However, knowing what to expect when getting an HIV test will help make things easier for you and your partner. If your partner is not willing to go with you, you might consider sharing your results with him or her to allow him or her to find out whether he or she is infected with the virus. Knowing what to expect is important not only to you, but also to any individual you are intimate with sexually.

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