Why HIV Tests Are Vital

HIV tests are very important for the person being tested and for the people they may be coming in contact with. This is because HIV can be given to another person in other ways beyond being sexually transmitted. It can also result from blood getting into an open wound, even if it is very small, and through other methods. This means that if a person were to have HIV and not know it, then he or she cuts his or her self, and that cut were to be treated by someone who had an open wound on their hand, they could possibly end up getting HIV from the individual who had it.

Spreading HIV Without Sexual Contact

While this is something that can happen, more often than not HIV is sexually transmitted by someone who may or may not have known that he or she has HIV. Many times, when a person gives HIV to another person, he or she may have thought that they did not have HIV. There is even a possibility that they were tested for HIV but that the effects that HIV takes on the body were not far along enough yet for the person to show signs that the tests would be able to pick up.

What HIV Does to a Person’s Body

When a person has HIV, the T-cells in their body are attacked. These are cells in a blood stream that tell the white blood cells where to go. While many think that AIDS is a very severe type of HIV, it is not. AIDS is a syndrome, whereas HIV is a virus. The full names of HIV and AIDS are “human immunodeficiency virus” and “acquired immune deficiency syndrome”. AIDS is a collection of at least 26 diseases. AIDS does not affect a person who has a normal immune system, but for a person with HIV, getting AIDS can be a very serious problem that eventually causes death.

Although HIV are very different, they are still linked. A person’s immune system is able to handle AIDS, unless they have HIV. This means that in many ways, individuals are unable to have AIDS without having HIV. However, when an individual has HIV, he or she is able to take more precautions to try to keep themselves or the people they care about safe.

Symptoms of HIV

The symptoms of HIV – when caught – are capable of being treated, bringing people out of danger’s way if something happens, simply based on the knowledge that they have it. If a person has a wound, there was an emergency, and they did not know they have HIV, multiple things could happen. One thing that could happen is for their parents to run to help them. However, if their parents were also injured they could invite HIV into their own systems, which could be avoided if known beforehand. The parents would still be able to help without putting themselves in danger. When faced with the choice of helping or not, they could make their decision while remaining aware of the consequences.

The Importance of HIV Testing

HIV tests are vital to the person who may have HIV, for any future sexual partners, and for their family because it keeps people safe in many ways. It also means that a person is able to have their HIV treated, which could help them be able to live a longer, fuller life. In addition, they could know what is happening to them as it happens, rather than feeling their health start to change and starting to feel weak without understanding what is happening to them, resulting in a great deal of confusion.

HIV Tests Can Identify Other Issues

One important reason for HIV testing that many people do not think about is that it shows if a person has any other types of virus other than HIV. It also means that if an individual is having health problems that have symptoms that are similar to HIV, when he or she takes an HIV tests he or she can chose to be treated or not. In addition, he or she can find out that it may not be HIV and he or she may have something else that is much easier to treat. Some people may think that they have HIV when they actually do not, and so they may live their life as though they would die tomorrow and find out that they not only do not have HIV but also may have something treatable. With any condition, the faster that an individual knows about the condition the easier it may be to treat.

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